Forthcoming events

This page displays all future events. Events are of three types:
NCOG Events: Events organised by NCOG. Generally free to all members unless otherwise noted.
SLOG Events: Events organised by the South Lakes Orchard Group. NCOG members may attend SLOG events.
Other Events: Events organised by others (e.g the National Trust). There may be a charge for these.

Each event is prefixed by [NCOG], [SLOG] or [Other] to indicate what type of event it is.

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Oct 2015

[NCOG] Apple identification workshop

Date: October 7th, 3pm-5pm. Place: Newton Rigg
This session will be run by Phil Rainford, one of the leading experts on apples and pears in the North-West. Participants will have an opportunity to improve their observational skills and learn methods of identifying apples, with particular regard to those varieties grown locally. Please note that this is an educational session - if you simply want some apples identified then take them to the Apple Day at Acorn Bank. This session is intended to help you to identify apples yourself.
It will be taking place at Newton Rigg College, near Penrith, as part of their NGS gardens open for charity day. The session will start at 3pm and run until about 5pm and will be in the "Potting Shed".
The event is free to NCOG members*. Booking is required. Please visit the NCOG Webcollect website at ... n-workshop to book.
Directions for Newton Rigg: see Google map here
Post Code is CA11 0AH

*Note that it is not currently known if the usual NGS donation will be necessary.

[Other] Apple Day at Acorn Bank, October 11th

The National Trust are planning another Apple Day on Sunday October 11th, 2015. This event has been very successful and well attended in previous years, with a large variety of things to see and do.
NCOG are once again planning to have a stand there where you can come and visit, press some apples, ask questions or just generally socialise. We will be showing off our hydropress, which will be available for members to use at our members' pressing days.

Dec 2015

[NCOG] Orchard Planning seminar

Date: December 5th. Location: Acorn Bank. (PROVISIONAL)
This seminar is for members of the public and NCOG members who are planning to plant top fruit (predominantly, but not exclusively apples). Their proposed “orchard” could be anything from 4 or 5 garden trees to a hundred or more in a separately managed orchard.
The benefits of attending the seminar(s) should be reduced risk of failure through disease, damage or physiological problems and better quality and quantity of fruit.
Particular attention will be directed at the issues facing growers in the Cumbrian terrain and climate.
The course is divided into a number of small modules, each approximately 10-30 minutes long.
There will be ample opportunities to discuss specific issues with local experts.
To register interest, please email There will be an attendance fee (to be announced) for members of the public and a reduced charge for NCOG members.
Bookings will be taken when the details have been finalised.
Contact: Mark Evens