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Jul 2015

[NCOG] Visit to High Cup Wines - Thursday July 9th, 2015

High Cup Wines are produced at Townhead Farm and Winery, Cumbria’s only commercial vineyard and winery, which prepares a range of fruit wines from fruit grown on the farm and in the local area.
Situated at the foot of the Pennines in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Townhead Farm enjoys outstanding views of the Lakeland Fells across the valley of the River Eden. It is located at the foot of the impressive U-shaped valley known as High Cup Gill, which runs from High Cup Nick, at its north-eastern end, towards the Eden Valley.
The proprieters, Ron & Angela Barker are NCOG members and are enthusiastic and knowledgeable on their subject. The visit will begin at 7pm with a talk (30 mins) on grape growing in England and Cumbria and how they make fruit wines. This will be followed by a wine tasting (30 mins). There will be a visit to the fermentation room to see the first wines to start fermenting. There will also be art exhibition there which the group is welcome to view.
The visit is limited to NCOG members and is free to members (you are of course welcome to buy some wine). PLEASE BOOK PLACES ON WEBCOLLECT: ... 9th-at-7pm. Members will need to sign into WebCollect to book. Non-members wishing to go will need to join NCOG first.