Forthcoming events

This page displays all future events. Events are of three types:
NCOG Events: Events organised by NCOG. Generally free to all members unless otherwise noted.
SLOG Events: Events organised by the South Lakes Orchard Group. NCOG members may attend SLOG events.
Other Events: Events organised by others (e.g the National Trust). There may be a charge for these.

Each event is prefixed by [NCOG], [SLOG] or [Other] to indicate what type of event it is.

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Nov 2014

[NCOG] Apple Pressing, November 8th, 2014

We are planning two events members' juicing events: on Sunday October 19th and Saturday November 8th. Both will be at Acorn Bank - at the barn near the watermill, not at the house. The purpose of these events is twofold:
(1) Members can bring along their own apples (or those they have scrumped) to juice and then take the juice away with them in suitable containers.
(2) Members of the cider-making subgroup (see News Item can juice the apples and put them to ferment into cider. Novice cider-makers will receive help and guidance in doing this. The cider will be fermented at Acorn Bank - there will be subsequent events to rack and package it.
Non-members are welcome to join on the day, but please email first.