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Other Events: Events organised by others (e.g the National Trust). There may be a charge for these.

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Mar 2015

[NCOG] Grafting workshop March 28th, 2015

Date: Saturday March 28th 2013. Time: 1:30pm. Location: Riversmeet, Cockermouth.

Our annual grafting workshop will be held at Riversmeet Community Resource Centre, Cockermouth starting at 1.30 pm and finishing at about 4.30 pm. We will start with a demonstration of the techniques involved in grafting scion wood onto rootstocks. Participants will then be able to graft apple trees for their own use.

If you wish to take part in the workshop please contact Mark Evens in advance (email Numbers are limited so please book your place(s) early.

Please bring a suitable knife (Stanley knife or equivalent with a new sharp blade) and gloves. There will be a wide variety of scion wood available on the day. If you want to graft a specific tree variety please let us know as soon as possible so that we can ensure, if possible, that the appropriate scion wood is available. Each rootstock you use will cost £2.50. There will be no other charge for NCOG members (non-members pay an entry fee of £2.50 and can join on the day). You will need to pot up your completed grafts when you get home after the workshop. Bring a carrier bag to keep the roots moist.

The location is Riversmeet Community Resource Centre, 4 Market Place, Cockermouth. To get to it, walk into Market Place from the Main Street end and take your first right. The centre is on the right (next to the river Cocker, funnily enough). For SatNav slaves, the Postcode is CA13 9NJ (this will get you to the adjacent car park, but not the cheapest one - let me know if you need parking advice). If you are not familiar with Cockermouth, then why not combine the event with some shopping in this excellent market town and/or lunch at one of the many pubs/restaurants/cafés (noting that excess alcohol and sharp knives are not a good combination)?