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Aug 2015

[NCOG] Orchard visit, scything & summer pruning

Date: Saturday August 15th. Time: 10:30 (scything) 13:00 (pruning/social). Location: Mosser, near Cockermouth.

On Saturday August 15th, Mark Evens will be hosting an open day at his orchard near Cockermouth. There will be workshops for scything and summer pruning, as well as an opportunity just to socialise and eat cake.

SCYTHING: If you've never used an Austrian scythe you will be amazed by the speed and ease with which it deals with meadow grass (and worse!). It's about the same speed as a strimmer and a much nicer experience. NCOG has its own scythe which you will be able to try - it can also be borrowed if required - or bring your own if you have one and you need a "refresher" or it needs sharpening / peening.
Scything will begin at around 10:30am.

ORCHARD TOUR: As well as scything and pruning there will plenty of opportunity to a take a look at the orchard of around 120 7-year old trees, including 37 varieties of apple, and to discuss details of varieties and management techniques. Mark will provide a guided tour of the orchard at about 1pm. Or you can just sit and enjoy the sunshine (!).

SUMMER PRUNING: Summer pruning is important to control growth and encourage fruiting. August 15th is about the right time to summer prune. In response to comments about previous pruning workshops, we will attempt to make this a more structured learning and practice event. This will be led by Chris Braithwaite, Hilary Wilson and Mark Evens. Summer pruning will begin at around 2pm.

REFRESHMENTS: Afternoon tea and cakes will be available. Contributions of cakes will be most welcome! You may also try some of the 2014 vintage home-made cider (not to be drunk before/during scything!). If you are staying over lunchtime, however, please bring your own packed lunch.

LOCATION: The event will be at High Mosser Gate, Mosser near Cockermouth. See HERE for directions. The postcode is CA13 0SR, for SatNav slaves, but that leaves you at least half a mile away, depending on your SatNav. SatNav may also route you over completely unsuitable fell roads, so follow the main roads as per the directions!

ATTENDANCE: Attendance is free for NCOG members only. Please book on WebCollect using the link below: ... er-pruning
Booking is important as it means that we can easily contact you in the event of changes or cancellation.
(Non-members please join first at, then you can book. )