Orchards and fruit in North Cumbria

This section is still under development. Eventually we hope to have details on many fruit varieties, their characteristics, and the orchards in Cumbria where they may be found, with links between them. At the present time only apple varieties are included - with many still to be added. Pear and plum varieties may be added later. Suggestions for additions to these pages are welcome.

How to use this section

Click on "Orchards" or "Apples" to see a list which you can explore. Alternatively if, say, you want to look at eating apples, then click on "Uses". All the sections are fully cross-referenced to each other (e.g. Orchards<-->Apples), so you can surf around the database.


Much of the information for these pages was sourced, with the kind co-operation of Andy Gilchrist, from his book "The Apples and Orchards of Cumbria". It is on sale for £9 + p&p and can be obtained from the publishers, Hayloft, or direct from .

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